Privacy Policy - Total Wellness DFW

Total Wellness DFW (referred as 'we' or 'our' hereafter) provides information to users on this page about our privacy policies and how we or third parties might collect information from users of this website. You should read this carefully.


Information We Collect


Server Logs

We may log information to our databases when a user visits our site. We do this to watch for possible malicious activity, so that we can keep our site safe, as well as any data users may store on the site. Logged data is deleted periodically, and is not shared with any other third party. Logged data may include information like IP address, browser, and time of access, but will not necessarily be limited to that. The site is hosted on Their main policies page can be found here.



We use Google Analytics for tracking our website traffic. This information may include various details that we may not have control over. Information like user's browser, device and location are collected, but are not limited to that. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information from the user's browser, and is stored on Google's servers. Google may share this information with other Google products and services (e.g. Google Adsense). You may read Google's privacy compliance here.

There is a way to prevent this. You can opt out at this link:


User information that we collect directly

Total Wellness DFW may have forms for users to fill out, in which they can specify that they would like to be contacted about a certain matter concerning their health. Some of this information may be transmitted via email, while other information may be stored on our servers.

Additionally, cookies may be used to track users that are logged into the system, as well as to store information on a per-user basis to personalize the user's experience on the site.


Other privacy policies

We may use external links to other sites. Some reasons for external links would include providing links to reference material that we used in creating our own content and links to products or services that we want to bring attention to. Users who follow these links must check the privacy policies of these sites themselves. We do not check nor monitor privacy policies of any of the sites that we link to.

This document is subject to change and we will update this document as and when we change our privacy policy. If you want to know further information about our privacy policy, contact Scott at scott [at] totalwellness [dot] com.